Where in the world is David Giuliano?

wherever he goes……there he is

Dad living it up in Germany

Posted by Kevin on November 7, 2006

More evidence of Dad’s recent trips overseas.  I don’t know who is having more fun, Dad or David.  Some parents apparently just can’t let go of their children.


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Another picture of Dad (reconnaissance at its worst)!!!

Posted by Kevin on November 7, 2006

I’ve found it kind of funny that Dad always knows what Dave is up to. To my knowledge, Dave does not call that frequently and does not fill our parents in on everything he is doing (why is this Dave?). So I began wondering how exactly, our father obtained his info. I decided to follow him around to see if I could learn something and what I found is shocking. Click here to see Dad in action. Apparently he has been taking secret trips abroad to spy on Dave.

Dave, watch your back, it is clear that none of us are safe from Dad’s curiosity and need to control.

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Dad hard at work!

Posted by Kevin on November 1, 2006

I thought Dave might feel a little homesick, not having seen any of us since September.  I thought it might be nice to take pictures, of various family members, doing whatever it is that they do, and post them here .   I figured it would give Dave something to remind him of home.  I was able to take a nice picture of dad at the office in between patients on a very hectic day. I hope this picture of him brings back fond memories.

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finally….some action

Posted by Kevin on November 1, 2006

It seems as if this blog has fallen by the wayside (wherever that is), but thankfully Cami revived it with her picture of her very creative, intricately carved pumpkin.  I will post some trick or treating pictures of Spencer and Clara later this week so that Dave, and all you other people, can see them.  After posting those, maybe I’ll just take random pictures of nonsensical items and place them here as well. 

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Happy Halloween!!

Posted by cami785 on October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween!!! No trick or treaters this year… was bummed.  I would like to let everyone know how proud of my pumpkin I am… haven’t carved one in years!!!!  I was determined to get the g-clef on there!

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Dr. Evil

Posted by albusrex on October 1, 2006

OK I lifted this from Re again. Anyway if you have been following the exploits of our knight templar you realize his head had an unfortunate introduction to a table resulting in a trip to the ER and stitches in his head. Rather than deal with the inconvenience of a bald spot and keeping a bandade in place our Mensa candidate decided to shave his head just prior to his trip to Munich. I must say I had some reservations as one skin head may attract others who have shaved their heads for other reasons. Anyway here is a picture which was titled Dr. Evil??? on Re’s picture site. Mio figlio e pazzo. Ciao

 Dave's missing hair

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Here’s Dave

Posted by albusrex on September 15, 2006

So since our road warrior is a little lax on updating us of his adventures I scoured the other blogs of his fellow students searching photos as in Where’s Waldo looking for Dave. Well I found him. Thanks to Re’s site (I hope she doesn’t mind my lifting a couple of pictures) I found our Dave in what looks like a karioke bar this past Thursday night. Looks like a bar hopping night for all. 2281853580073803513fctfcj_ph.jpg2746241090073803513vknyqa_ph.jpg

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Posted by albusrex on September 6, 2006

Wouldn’t it be nice if Chris or Kevin posted some details of their golf outing on Tuesday. That’s the outing Dave was supposed to be included in but just never seemed to find the time. Anyway I’m sure Dave would love to hear about the day.


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1st Day of Senior Year…

Posted by cami785 on September 6, 2006

Hi Dave,

So I never thought that I would actually be here… the 1st day of my senior year of college. I guess I’ll back it up to Friday, Sept. 1st. I got to UMass mid-afternoon and started unloading my car, fortunately I had about 4 bodies to help me move. Many hands makes for light work. I then headed over to health services to have my cast removed. The trip to UHS was an unexpected 20 min. due to all of the construction, normally the trip should’ve taken about 5. I checked in, and was greeted by a med student from Umass Med. I met with the ortho and student and he said “well let’s get rid of this cast” and I replied “yes please”. Although I’ve had a cast removed before I was still a little nervous when I saw the “saw” (that sounds really awkward). The ortho had a sense of humour and started pulling out a hand saw and all kinds of rusty tools. I laughed and said “funny…” I still had to ask the doc “how does this not cut me??” He proceeded to take the saw to his face… that was all of the reasurrance that I needed. Anways, I became the first victim for the med student. She had never removed a cast before, so I got to learn with her. I was a little nervous, but was glad that I was able to contribute to the future of medicine…haha. Anyways, the arm was skinny and smelly, just as I had predicted. After that I came back to my house and finished unpacking and what not.

The weather was really rainy all weekend. Although, I made my way to the “swim house” with Mary one evening. I felt too old to be there… the wide-eyed freshmen were in full force and away from home for the first time…that’s all I have to say. I then made my way to “club sidewalk”…that’s where us 21 y.o. get to hang out I guess. Lots of popped collars and high heels…not quite my scene.

I then came down with a nasty head cold, which I still have and I am fearful that it may turn into a sinus infection… ughh I don’t want to have to go back to UHS. Today was my first day… I was out of the house at 7:40… first off to some therapy then Music history 1700-1900 (BORING at 9:05am), Instrumental Methods (the professor hates women and ticked me off today), oboe tech, french horn tech and Educational Psychology (which is going to be an amazing class). I then came home and dropped $300 on books and then cried a lot (just kidding about the crying part…kind of wanted to though)

My new house is very nice. 20 times better than Sunset. All the girls are moved in, and we had a house meeting where I finally was able to settle the utilities issue. It turns out that a few of my music major buddies live next door to me. We’re going to build telephones with string and some tin cans… I’m psyched… I’ll let you know how it goes 🙂

Anyway, I found this chinese food buffet that is 6 dollars for about 2 days worth of food… so I’m going to check that out… I’m getting hungry and slightly cranky…
I hope you are well, and I am very jealous… please enjoy that wine 🙂


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Monday September 4,2006 Labor Day

Posted by albusrex on September 4, 2006

Well we had Labor Day here while Dave started his first day of classes in Florence. We did hear from him last evening and all was well. About 1:45AM Florence time. Anyway his course schedule is set. I guess I’ll let him post the courses he is taking.

We spent most of the day at Chris’s house for Spencer’s fourth birthday party. Hard to believe he is four already. Kevin and Allison were there.Grandpa Michael, and Ita,  Aunt Anne Marie and Samantha, Cousin Bob and Cammy, Grammy Grace and Mom, and Spencer’s friend Allen from  preschool. We had a nice afternoon. A couple of beers and good eats although I know Dave is not suffering in the food department in Italy .

As I am writing this I realize that I have done nothing with my fanatasy team Dave got me into. Maybe tomorrow night.

Ciao and buon compleanno Spencer

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